Frank C. Quesada

Chief Legal Officer
Frank C. Quesada is the Co-Founder of LifeWallet and has served as the Chief Legal Officer since its inception. Mr. Quesada is also a partner at MSP Recovery Law Firm. With over 15 years of healthcare and complex commercial litigation experience, Mr. Quesada oversees in-house attorneys and several nationally recognized law firms that assist the MSP Recovery Law Firm in their efforts. Additionally, he develops the company's legal strategies and spearheads execution. Notably, Mr. Quesada led the execution of federal appellate strategies in MSP cases resulting in landmark legal victories and new Medicare Secondary Payer Act precedent benefitting Medicare entities across the country. These legal victories include MSP Recovery v. Allstate (11th Circuit), MSPA Claims 1 v. Tenet (11th Circuit), MSPA Claims 1 v. Kingsway Amigo (11th Circuit), and MSP Recovery Claims Series v. Ace American (11th Circuit). Mr. Quesada currently serves on the Board of Directors of USA Water Polo, Inc.